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Simplify your life

with our quick online loan application process

Loans up to R150,000

Use your brand new loan for educational fees, a wedding, renovation and much more!

Fast Approval

Your loan can be approved within hours if you qualify and submit the required documents.

Check your Account

Once your receive approval via SMS you can access  your new loan by checking your bank account. 

Peace of mind

We only work with responsible lenders who we trust and transparency is really important to us.


  • Only trusted reputable lenders
  • Very fast approval
  • Additional services like general legal advice & credit reports

 flexible repayment options

 from 12 to 60 months with a Maximum Annual Percentage Rate

(APR) of 28% per annum as per the NCA No 34 of 2005


Nett Loan Amount: R20 000.00 | Term: 24 months
Interest Rates: *Actual interest rate subject to risk and affordability assessment.

Interest rates: Min: 10.25% | Max: 27.75%

Monthly installment: R 1,060.52 | R 1,259.76

Total repayment: R 25,453.00 | R 30,234.00

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